Skurt Promo Code

Skurt Promo Code

What Is a Skurt Promo Code?

Simply put, Skurt is an on demand mobile application that allows a user to book a car rental for a specified number of hours. While most companies require you to stand in long lines and fill out paperwork and forms, Skurt has developed a way to streamline the car rental industry. In contrast to traditional car rentals, Skurt also allows you the flexibility to drive the care you want when you want. Move over Enterprise, there’s a new giant in town.

How does Skurt work?

Skurt mobile application works on any iOS device that has a working camera. The first step when securing your car rental through Skurt is downloading the application from your App Store. After doing so and installing the app, Skurt will launch and as you for a few pieces of information to customize your experience to you. Skurt has collected this information you will be able to scan your Government issued Driver’s License right into your handheld terminal. After Skurt verifies your information, you can then choose any car you would like.

When renting a car through Skurt there is a few advantages that you don’t get with traditional car rentals.

Ways to use Skurt

Skurt can be a great way to save on a monthly car payment while still having access to a vehicle when you want to go to that major event you have been planning, take out for a night on the town or possibly just to keep miles off your car when commuting between rural areas.

While there is no actual mileage limitation on using a Skurt car rental it’s important to keep your daily rate in mind. With that said here is a small list that includes other ways of enjoying your rental.

  • Concerts and Events
  • Dates and Outings
  • Keeping Mileage Low on Your Vehicle
  • Rural commutes and day picnics
  • Testing different vehicles before purchasing
  • Wooing your friends or significant other
  • Because you can

The Skurt Promo Code and Mobile App

Navigating the Skurt mobile app has never been easier. With a sleek, user friendly interface and guides you will be renting a car in no time. The application will even let you know how far away your Skurt delivery driver is from your location, in real time.

In addition to the mobile app you can also get a Skurt coupon code and save money when you execute your first rental. Inside of the Payment screen when checking out you can enter Skurt promo code “PA2” to receive your coupon at the time of purchase.

What cars are available through Skurt?

Skurt offers a wide assortment of cars through their local fleets. If you navigate to their website at you will see that many different types of vehicles are available.

The first option of cars is Midsize and range from $29 – $34 dollars a day. Common midsize cars include the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Honda Sonata, Kia Optima and more.

The second option of cars is full-size and range from $34 – $46 dollars a day. Common full-size cars include the Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala, Select Cadillac models and more.

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The last and final option of cars is Lux. With a daily price of $75 – $88 dollars a day you can rest assure that you are receiving a Luxury vehicle. Common Lux vehicles include Mercedes, Audi, Lexus models and more.

It’s worth noting that renting cars through Skurt is cheaper than using traditional car rental options like Enterprise or Budget.

Where is Skurt located?

Skurt is now available in multiple cities around the United States. Those cities include Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami.

By visiting the Skurt website you can ask to have your city put on the preferred list. Or fill out an application to team up with them. Those who own a car fleet already can take immediate advantage of perusing a career with one of the fastest growing car rental industries in the 21st century.

Skurt Car Rental Requirements and Info

Before renting a car through Skurt make sure that you meet the qualifications below:

1. There are no underage fees associated with a Skurt rental. You can obtain a car for use with any valid Driver’s License if you meet the minimum age requirement of 21.

2. “You must have a valid non-expired driver’s license with no restrictions when placing your reservation.

Provisional licenses or permits cannot be used to rent. Skurt does not accept temporary licenses, paper licenses, or federal limits apply licenses, with no exceptions. “

3. Verification of your driver’s license can take up to 24 hours and is based on a first come first serve basis for your area.

  1. When your Skurt car rental is delivered you must have your driver’s license, yourself and a method of payment. (Please note that your payment method’s name must match your license information)
  2. Adding an additional driver is easy. You must first ask the driver to create an account with Skurt from inside the mobile application. If you are having trouble you can contract Skurt directly so that they can add the individual by name and phone number to the reservation.
  3. You do not need to gas up your Skurt car rental before returning it. In fact, Skurt requires using all of it.
  4. There is no mileage limit to your Skurt car rental

Skurt Insurance

Before jumping into a Skurt for a night out on the town make sure to thoroughly read through their Legal and Insurance information. So that you understand the provisions of your car rental.

Skurt’s legal information is extensive so we could not write it all out here but we do recommend visiting Skurt Insurance for more information.

Here are some important things to remember:

You do not own the car rental. Any damage caused to the car, whether your fault or not is your responsibility to fix. For instance, if you are hit by a motorist who is uninsured you become responsible for the damages. While you may be able to take legal actions against the individual who hit you Skurt will default the claim to your insurance group in the meantime. This also includes damage to the inside of the car, it’s upholstery and other materials.

Skurt may use third party services to verify your credit, identification and other consumer data about you as an individual. This may result in hard inquiries on your credit report and affect it as so.

Is Skurt better than Enterprise or Budget?

Yes, yes and more yes! Well, in our opinion anyways.

Everyone has had a car rental experience unless they are under 21 or have never traveled. It’s no secret that renting a car can be a painstaking, time consuming process that causes anxiety and makes your trip harder to enjoy.

The major difference between Skurt and traditional Car Rentals to use was the ease of use and convenience.

To offset the 24-hour approval process to rent a car through Skurt we signed up through the mobile application 48 hours in advance. When the time came to rent our car, we were ready to go.

Getting our rental car was just as easy of a process. We simply loaded up the application, set our drop off point at the hotel and had our Skurt within the hour. The car came in great condition and was aesthetically pleasing, both inside and out. We couldn’t even locate a stain in it! This may have been because it was the newest model available for the vehicle but we couldn’t complain about that either.

After we were done with the rental we set the pickup location. We used all the gas in the car as instructed and only spent a total amount of $80 + gas. For a great night out with a few buddies.

Overall, Skurt offers an awesome service and is the future of car rentals. Right now the company is only available in a few cities but we predict by 2018 they will be launched in major cities across the United States. If this happens, Enterprise and Budget better find a new day job.

Is Skurt different than Lyft and Uber?

I’m sure that you are familiar with Lyft and Uber being as they are two of the largest ridesharing corporation’s in the world. So how do they differ?

With Lyft or Uber you can get a ride anywhere you want by utilizing their ridesharing services. After downloading their mobile application, you set the pickup and drop off point for your commute. After doing so you are matched with a driver in your area who meets you at the location you have set for pickup.

Skurt, on the other hand is not a ridesharing service. In less words, it is on demand car rental platform. While it may function similarly to Lyft and Uber through a mobile application and even utilize pick up and drop off points. The major difference is that you are the driver. With Skurt your car rental is brought directly to you and you get the pleasure of driving the delivered vehicle wherever you choose to.

Apply to Skurt

Skurt is looking for drivers and fleets in an active search to become the number one on demand car rental company in the United States. Here’s how it works.

To sign up as a Skurt Agent all you need to do is visit Becoming a Skurt Agent. When doing so you will be asked a series of questions that evaluates you and your cars potential to become part of the Skurt Fleet.

Skurt handles everything, including; marketing, logistics, claims, risk evaluation and more. All you must do is maintain your fleet or vehicle in accordance with Skurt’s requirements.

Contacting Skurt

If you have a had a bad experience with Skurt or want to check on your agent application, you can email them directly at Skurt. Following them is also simple and can be done on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Let us know how you liked our Skurt promo code article. Don’t forget to visit Coupon Codes Hero for more savings!

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