Spacious Promo Code Coupon

Spacious Promo Code Coupon

Spacious, a company that enables people to use the busiest places in t he cities as their co-working place with fast WiFi internet connection. A lot of restaurants are seen to remain idle during daytime. But spacious uses those spaces as the working place for their registered members. It’s really hard to find a restaurant that can be used as a place for commercial meeting. In busy it is hard to find out the vacant spaces. But Spacious digs out those spaces and provides them to their members, which is also beneficial for both owners and customers.

Preston Pesek and Chris Smothers founded Spacious in 2016 in New York. They have now 100+ employees and having total funding amount of $9.1M within these three years. It has been categorized as Coworking, Hospitality, Logistics and Real Estate companies.

Service they Provide

Spacious offers their member many facilities. They try to make usable those place which are unused in the cities. It’s not a coffee shop neither a co-working place. Spacious is creating the place where people will use the place as the want. Again, it gives you access to the restaurants of a city without reservation. Members give reasonable monthly fee and get access to the place that wasn’t affordable before. In addition, they also provide to level hospitality.

offer from spaciousOffers From Spacious

Customers are given four options to choose for membership. They can have daily, three month, weekly and annual membership.
1. In daily package you have to pay 20$ for getting access to restaurants. This package is valid for 24 hours.
2. For monthly package 199$ is required to pay. You’ll get membership for one month. You will get 5 free guest hours.
3. In Three month package you need to pay a less. Total 447$ for this one. You can pay 149$ per month. This package will save 600$ yearly. 15 free guest hours per month.
4. Annual package needs 1548$ to pay. But, you can pay monthly 129$ and it’ll save 800$ yearly. And, you will be provided 40 free guest hours.

Membership Unlocks Spaces With:

 High-speed wifi
 Friendly space hosts
 Quiet environment
 Complimentary coffee & tea
 Extended & weekend hours
 Endless power outlets
 Space to host guests & meetings

Spacious Online Coupons

Status Coupon Code OffersExpiration
Verified1MON30Get $30 Off Spacious Subscription + Week Free09/31/2021
VerifiedIUPUIOne Free Week and $50 Off 1st Month01/01/2024
VerifiedROMPLE15% off Monthly Membership07/31/2020
VerifiedSTUART$30 off your Spacious coworking membership NYC and SF01/01/2025

How to Apply Spacious Promo Code Coupon

For first time membership the user needs to create a profile and choose the preferred plan. Or if the user has existing account he need to log in to his membership page and select the plan. On the final page the user needs to enter the Spacious Promo Code Coupon in the discount coupon box. In addition, we found there was a reddit on Spacious but not many Coupon code.

Spacious reimagines how to use urban spaces more efficiently. Now working with The We Company , everyday Spacious transforms available urban spaces into a network of shared drop-in workspaces.

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