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With the recent announcement by Blizzard Entertainment of the remake of Starcraft: Brood War in 4K resolution, it’s time to look at the highest earners when Brood War was in it’s prime.

Hopefully Starcraft Remastered becomes the worlds greatest e-sport once again especially in South Korea.

Don’t forget to give a listen to the memorable Starcraft Soundtrack: 

Brood War
Brood War in 4K resolution.

1. Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong – $621,711.55 From 100 Tournaments

Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong
Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong – The God of Destruction himself.

Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong is a Zerg player in StarCraft: Brood War and its continuation StarCraft II.

He is by and large considered the best Zerg player in StarCraft: Brood War’s 13 year long history of expert play.

He is additionally one of a modest bunch of top level StarCraft: Brood War experts who figured out how to make extraordinary progress in its continuation, StarCraft II, too. His prosperity earned him the epithets “The Tyrant”, “Legend Killer”, and “Lord of Destruction”.

Jaedong made his introduction as an authorized progamer in 2006, playing for the group Lecaf Oz.

Jaedong is currently retried as of 2017.

Check out Jaedong’s Starcraft Gameplay:

2. Lee “Flash” Young Ho – $536,347.68 From 78 Tournaments

Young Ho
Young Ho

Lee “Flash” Young Ho is a Terran player in Starcraft: Brood War. His career started off in a strong fashion, quickly amassing a winning record in Proleague play and succeeding in getting into both the MSL and OSL.

He became the youngest programmer to win a Starleague title by winning the Bacchus OSL at age 15.

Flash is the first player in history to reach both individual league finals 3 times in a row, and is the fourth player in history to receive the Golden Mouse after NaDa, July, and Jaedong.

Young Ho Gameplay:

3. Ma “sAviOr” Jae Yoon – $338,901.24 From 39 Tournaments

Ma "sAviOr" Jae Yoon
Ma “sAviOr” Jae Yoon

He was noticed for his ruthlessness and aggressive play-style.

Ma Jae-yoon (born 23 November 1987), known by the pseudonym sAviOr  and dubbed The Maestro, is a former professional South Korean e-sports gamer of the real-time strategy game StarCraft.

He played the Zerg race and was one of the most successful and popular players of all time.

There is not much information known about Jae Yoon and mystery is the allure behind him.

Ma “sAviOr” Jae Yoon Gameplay:

4. Kim “Bisu” Taek Yong – $306,225.06 From 51 Tournaments

Kim "Bisu" Taek Yong
Kim “Bisu” Taek Yong

Kim Taek-yong (born 3 November 1989), known by screen name Bisu[Shield] or simply Bisu, is a professional South Korean StarCraft player, playing the Protoss race.

Famed primarily for sublime performance in the StarCraft: Brood War professional competitions against Protoss and, especially, Zerg, Bisu scored three successful Starleague performances, the most of any Protoss player.

Bisu was nicknamed the Revolutionist for innovating the metagame of Protoss versus Zerg matchup.

In the 2010 Team Liquid forum poll Bisu was voted “the greatest Protoss player of all time”.

He retired in 2013. 

Bisu Gameplay:

5. Lee “NaDa” Yoon Yeol – $305,661.52 From 64 Tournaments

Lee "NaDa" Yoon Yeol
Lee “NaDa” Yoon Yeol

Lee Yun-yeol (born 20 November 1984), better known as NaDa, is a South Korean professional gamer who competitively played StarCraft II and before that, StarCraft: Brood War.

He achieved the highest KeSPA score of any player before it was re-scaled, and holds the record for longest stay in KeSPA’s top 30 at 87 months, beginning in March 2002 and ending in May 2009.

NaDa Gameplay:

I am very excited to play the upcoming remastered Starcraft, brings back childhood memories of mine.


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