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It turns out that Homer Simpson was wrong; you CAN win friends with salad.

Salad has been wildly catching on as more than just the side-dish we once knew it as. Gone are the days of looking at the salad in front of you, and saying “okay; where’s the REAL food?”

As our world grows more health-conscious, this quintessential side-dish has seen revamping after revamping, turning it into a glorious, wholesome version of it’s once-pitiful self. And now the still-humble, but now more-awesome salad is more often taking center stage as the main course that people choose when they ask themselves what they want to eat.

No one has captured the essence of what a salad really has the potential to be quite like Sweetgreen. And if you’ve never tried it out before, you can use your Sweetgreen coupon promo code to give it a shot for the first time yourself!

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No longer the sidekick, salad takes center stage at Sweetgreen!

Whether you want to become healthier, or you’re tired of feeling bloated and sluggish after your meal, introducing regular salads into your diet is a great idea. And Sweetgreen is the sort of place that makes it really easy to get started. They have a menu of delightful, greens-packed dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

What sort of salads can I get with my sweetgreens coupon promo code?

They have a wide range of culinary creations that will delight your tastebuds and make your body happy with your food choices at the same time. You can use your Sweetgreen coupon promo code on a nice vegetarian salad, like their somewhat-spicy Shroomami, their fresh blueberry summer salad, the zesty Hummus Tahina, and more.

But perhaps you want to have some meat on your salad. That’s great! Many of their creations, such as the Kale Caesar, the creamy chicken pesto parm, the savory curry chickpea bowl and others, include meat.

I prefer making my own salad. can I still use my Sweetgreen coupon promo code?

If you like ordering your food ‘Chipotle style,’ then you’ll be happy to know that Sweetgreen also has a ‘make your own salad’ option.

This allows you to have your salad made to your own preference and specifications. Prefer extra raisins on yours? Make it so! Just finish up a workout and need some extra protein to get the best of it? Get extra chicken or fish!

And that’s not all!

When you use your Sweetgreen coupon promo code, you’re not just getting a great salad. You are also helping an establishment that dedicates itself to making good choices, and sticking to ethical practices when it comes to their food preparation.

deliver sweetgreens
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Sweetgreen attempts to source as many of their ingredients as possible at a local level. This means that when you use your Sweetgreens coupon prom code, you’re that much closer to farm-to-table food.

They also make a point to source their meat from farms that treat their animals well. According to their website, Sweetgreen has a dedicated team that researches the latest animal welfare standards.

As you can see, picking Sweetgreen is a pretty good choice, for more reasons than one. And by using your Sweetgreen coupon promo code, you get $3 off your salad. So give them a shot!

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