Team Fight Tactics: A Look At The Hextech Class

Over the last couple of patches, Riot Games has been slowly implementing the Hextech class into its Autobattler game mode, Team Fight Tactics. This article will showcase what this class is about, what strengths it has and will showcase each individual champion and how they work within the realms of TFT.

The Hextech class was introduced with the theory that they will be able to knock down your heavily equipped enemies right back to earth. If you have 2 Hextect Champions on the board, they will fire a bomb at the start of each round. This will disable enemy items within one hex square. This ability will become stronger when you have four Hextech champions on the board.


Let’s have a look at the individual champions that make up this Hextec class:


Image Sources: Riot Games

Camille is a Blademaster that excels in taking down single targets with her allies. Camille’s ability, The Hextech Ultimatum, roots an enemy and forces her in-range teammates to target whomever she’s fighting. Think about Camille’s positioning carefully to get your team to focus their firepower on a specific enemy.

Class: Blademaster
Cost: 1


Jayce is a shapeshifter who excels at disrupting the enemy frontline by knocking back an enemy unit with his Thundering Blow. Once the defences are open, he switches to his Mercury Cannon bringing increased attack speed and ranged damage to the battle.

Class: Shapeshifter
Cost: 2


If you absolutely have to get to the enemy backline, you better bring Vi. This Brawler targets the farthest enemy and charges towards them, knocking aside and damaging every enemy along the way. Once she gets there she knocks her target up and damages them.

Class: Brawler
Cost: 3


Jinx is a high risk, high reward Gunslinger that ramps up through the course of a fight. She Gets Excited after her first takedown, gaining bonus attack speed. If she scores a second takedown she pulls out Fishbones, her rocket launcher, causing her attacks to deal AoE damage. Keep Jinx fully equipped and supported and she’ll carry your team to victory.

Class: Gunslinger
Cost: 4

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