Team Fight Tactics Basic Guide

Team Fight Tactics stormed its way into the hearts of millions of League of Legends players. TFT is an Auto battler game created by Riot Games and it recently was released onto the public client in patch 9.13 and has received a worldwide positive reaction thus far. The experimentation is limitless with over 50 champions to use at your disposal right away! This simple guide will help players who did not have the opportunity to play the game in the Public Beta environment and would like to learn about the game before getting their hands dirty.

Team Fight Tactics Basics:

Before you start your team fight tactics game, players are given the option to select their “Little Legend” A Little Legend is a small creature you control as you watch your compositions come to life! You start off a basic Little Legend called the “River Sprite”. Players can earn a little legend through completing enough Beta Points challenges which will give you the option of selecting your new little legend. Little Legends can also be attainable through the store via chests.

Team Fight tactics are free for all Auto Battler game that pits you against 7 different players each battling to be the victor. At the start of the game, you will be introduced to what is called the carousel, this will be a ring of champions each having their own unique item, you have to be fast as the first carousel is a first come first serve system!

Once you have selected your first champion you will be then teleported onto your own chess board where you will be awaited by two minion creeps. To start your game you will need to drag your recently acquired champion and place them on the board. The round will begin automatically and your champion will begin fighting with the minions. If you are lucky you will gain an item from the minions you have killed.

You will then be presented with a row of champions at the bottom of your screen, these are completely random. These champions can be purchased with Gold which you can attain at the end of each round. Once you have purchased a champion they will be automatically placed onto your bench which is positioned at the bottom of your chess board. 

Once you have purchased a champion you then have the option to bring them onto the board or leave them on your bench. The number of champions you are allowed on the board at any given time is dependant on your character level. The first three rounds of Team Fight Tactics consists of fighting minions. These PvE rounds allow players to get comfortable with the basics of the game and allows players to purchase champions and level up their character. At the end of each round, you will gain 2 EXP. Players have the option of purchasing EXP but they are required to spend 4 Gold in order to do so.

ow that you have completed the initial minion waves you will then be pitted against real players. You will gain Gold and experience based on how well you are performing. As players are defeated in a round, they will lose a part of their HP bar – all eight players start with 100HP at the start of every game. The amount of health a player loses is based on the level of your opponent and the level of their champions in their composition. 

In specific rounds, the carousel will make its return. This time it will be slightly different from the first carousel at the start of the game. There will still be a pool of champions to select from however, players will be drafted into a pick order system based on their position in the standings. If you currently sitting eighth in the standings then you will be selected first. Therefore if you are currently first in the standings you will be selecting a champion last, it is pretty straight forward.

As you get accustomed to the mechanics of Team Fight Tactics, you will then be tasked with building compositions good enough to finish first! There will be an advanced Team Fight Tactics guide which will go over the different champion classes and how different champions can link together to form a formidable team.

 All Images are from Riot Games


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