Team Fight Tactics Compositions

Team fight tactics have been out for just over a week now on the live server across the world and metas are slowly starting to creep its way into the Auto Battler scene. This article will showcase some of the easy to run compositions and how you can earn yourself a victory in Team Fight Tactics.

Noble/ Wild 

If you are looking for one of the most simple to run compositions, then Noble plus anything is the way to go. For this comp, we will be adding Wild to the Nobles and showcasing how simple this comp is to run. In the early game, it is crucial that you have a strong front line to allow the backline to do the damage. This is where Garen comes in, Garen is a beefy powerhouse that will soak up the enemies damage whilst doing a respectable amount of damage onto your opponents.

Early into the game, you will be able to start the groundwork for this composition, Vayne, Warwick and Nidalee should be a great starting point for this composition until you can transition into your full Nobles build. Having a Warwick and Nidalee from the get-go will earn you the Wild Buff which will be great for the early game attack speed. By Level four having a comp of Warwick, Nidalee and Garen and Vanye will be a great starting point and should keep you near the top of the standings.

Once you level up you will be able to add more nobles to your composition, champions such as Lucian, Fiora and Leona and Kayle will round out your composition and give you the six noble buff which grants armour and self-healing on all allies. This will work wonders with the two wilds you already have on the board as the extra attack will add some true firepower to your team.

Ranger/ Glacial

Despite receiving major nerfs to the composition Glacial is still one of the strongest comps in the game and will certainly pack a punch if you are able to acquire the six Glacial buff which will give you a 40 per cent chance to stun an opponent. 

The core champions for this composition will be Ashe, Sejuani and Volibear. Whilst this is one of the strongest builds in the game players will not always be lucky with their RNG and will unlikely reach the six Glacial buff, though there is nothing bad about having the four champion buff instead. Sejuani is a key in this composition because of her ultimate. Her ultimate range will often catch players off guard simply by how long it is and the stun can freeze every champion on the board.

There is some variance to the composition, if you are gunning for the six glacial buffs then you will automatically be tapping into the Elementalist buff. Players will then have to decide whether to go for the third Elementalist to round out their team or go down a different round such as Rangers. Ashe is a primary champion for this team based on her ability to stun people from long range and attack from a distance, add items into the mix and Ashe can be an unstoppable force.


This composition is as simple as it gets, spam assassins! Assassins are one of the other strongest composition in the game and can easily be built from the start of the game. The majority of the time Pyke will be available in the carousel and if you are able to snatch him up you will be off to a great start. Pyke is one of the strongest champions in the game and has a combination of damage and crowd control.  KhaZix is also a great early game champion to pick up as he only costs 1 gold and will easily be attainable. Early into the game, you can round out your starting team with a Warwick or Garen to add some muscle to your frontline until you can acquire zed or Rengar. Itemization is important for this composition, ideally, I like to run my items on both KhaZix and Pyke, mainly for the burst potential as well as the crowd control.

Whilst it is difficult to acquire the six assassin composition, you will be extremely powerful if you are able to acquire it with each champion gaining plus 60 damage. If you are not able to acquire the six champions, Ninja offers great variety and will still pack a punch. Zed will give you both the assassin buff and the Ninja buff, combine this with Kennen and Shen and you have a scary team of pure damage and crowd control.


All Images are from Riot Games

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