Team Fight Tactics vs Dota Underlords

Riot Games recently released their take on the currently popular Auto Battler genre, Team Fight Tactics. Riot Games took the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot after an incredibly successful Dota Auto Chess mod. Valve took the positive response into consideration, thus Dota Underlords was born. This article will be a comparison of Team Fight Tactics and Dota Underlords – focussing on the similarities, the positives and negatives of both games.

Out of the two Team Fight Tactics is the go-to game if you are first starting out in the genre. Team Fight tactics use a simple champion draft system which allows players to easily combine champions to make a strong composition from the get-go and maintain that power all the way through to the late game. It is also a matter of preference if you like Dota you are more likely to play Underlords and the same goes with Team Fight Tactics.

In terms of game length, Team Fight Tactics has the edge by roughly ten minutes. An average Team Fight Tactics game could last up to 25-30 minutes. Whereas an Underlords/ Autochess game on average could last up to 40 minutes. This “problem” has not gone unheard from Valve as the development team is looking into developing a “turbo mode” similarly to Fortnite’s Blitz mode.

Some feel currently Team Fight Tactics might be too simplistic. Riot’s Auto Battler board is significantly smaller than their counterparts, bringing less emphasis on the positioning of your characters. Team Fight Tactics also lacks in its interface. As of the current patch (9.13), there is no clear items page which showcases to players what each item builds into. Another problem players are having with Team Fight Tactics is that the randomization is almost game-changing. There is currently no clear path for items unless you get lucky in one of the minion rounds. Riot Games has addressed this problem and has introduced fixed items for every minion round which is to be released in patch 9.14.

Personal Comments: 

Overall I feel if you are looking to simply get into the auto battler genre without having an affiliation to either game then I would go for Team Fight Tactics. Riot may not have the most user-friendly interface on the market but where they lack in that department they sure than makeup for in simplicity. After your first/second game you should be starting to get the hang of the mechanics and can then move onto finding out which composition you find interesting and theory crafting which champions work best with each other


If you are looking for a more user friendly experience then I would go with Dota Underlords, Valve have created a simple and easy to use system that allows players to easily find out what characters work well and what items build into, what makes Underlords unique is that there are new characters that are not accessible in Dota so there is the challenge of learning the new characters and what their abilities do.

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