Team Liquid Cements Themselves as NAs Greatest Team

History has been made, Team Liquid has cemented themselves as the greatest North American organisation in League of Legends history after taking down Cloud9 in a thrilling final.

Team Liquid was made to work for their historic achievement as C9 took them to five games, with TL coming out victorious. This is monumental for the LCS as no team in LCS history has won four titles in a row.

Many TL fans were concerned after a pair of dominating games, C9 pushed the series to match point. Cloud9 had control of the fourth game but was not able to deal with TL in the late game. The three-time champions eventually went ahead and were able to push for the victory, sending the game to a game five, queue the silver scrapes.

Even in the fifth and final Game, Cloud9 had the better draft, but TL showed why they are the greatest team in LCS history, making it look easy. Credit is due for both teams, C9 was able to prove this roster is capable of winning, they just fell short. TL proved they are resilient. If C9 is going to give them an inch, they will be damn sure they take that mile all the way to the championship

For both of these teams, it is a moment to reflect on. North American fans should be grateful they are sending two powerful teams to represent them at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. What is interesting about both of these teams is that their styles are the complete opposite from one another.

C9 are relentless, when they look good, they look world-class. They will take a lead and run with it, making sure there is not an ounce of life in their opponents at the end of the game.

Team Liquid is the methodical hard to beat team, if they get ahead, you are not likely going to take that lead away from them. They have world-class players in all five positions, their experience is what makes them a threat to any team they face, Invictus Gaming learned that the hard way.


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