Team Liquid VS Cloud9 Summer 2019 Finals Preview

A rivalry that is starting to become synonymous with North American League of Legends, Cloud9 vs Team Liquid. These two giants of the Atlantic will do battle once again to be crowned the best in North America. Team Liquid is looking to become the first team in NA history to win four titles in a row. Cloud9, on the other hand, are looking to break their 5-year curse and win a North American championship.

Both teams have faced each other in the finals before, despite C9 resurging after a horrific start to the summer of 2018, they were clean swept by TL. Since then, Cloud9 has gone on to achieve their greatest accomplishment, reaching the semi-finals of Worlds in 2018. Team Liquid has also made great strides, winning three championships in a row whilst also reaching the finals of MSI.

The rivalry does not stop there, in the spring of 2019 Team Liquid signed Jensen from Cloud9. Without their long-standing star player, Cloud9 turned to Nisqy. Despite a slow start to his C9 career Nisqy has proven to be one of the best mid laners in North America. Along with Svenskeren, these two arguably boast the best middle and jungle duo in North America.

Team Liquid has clear advantages in the bottom lane, Doublelift and CoreJJ has been a cut above the rest and has not been tested. This is where it will be interesting for Cloud9 and how they are going to draft around this, considering their bot lane is their weakest point on the map.

All eyes will be on the middle of the map. Svenskeren is having the best split of his life in North America. Svenskeren has been consistently setting up Nisqy for success, forming one of the strongest duos in the league. In both regular-season games, C9 camped Jensen to ensure he was never in the game, with Nisqy on strong carries, C9 was able to pick up the victory.

If TL is able to mitigate the pressure Svenskeren has on the mid lane, then Team Liquid will have no problems winning the series. If C9 is able to ask questions of Team Liquid and are unanswered then C9 could be picking up their first title in 5 years.

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