The Pressures of Winning The Major for the TL CSGO Team

The TL CSGO team are the favorites to win the entire Starladder Major Berlin series in a few days and for good reason. After the organization struggled to find their own championship during the Astralis era, this North American squad has been absolutely tearing up the CSGO scene after the squad picked up Stewie2k and added Adren as the new coach.

Team Liquid after finally winning their first premier event at IEM Sydney. Photo via ESL Gaming.

Team Liquid have won the following events consecutively:

  • Intel Extreme Master XIV Sydney
  • Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019
  • ESL Pro League Season 9 – Finals
  • ESL One: Cologne 2019
  • Blast Pro Series: Los Angeles 2019
  • Intel Extreme Masters XIV Chicago

Team Liquid also completed the Intel Grand Slam in just four events, never losing once during that entire stretch.

Team liquid’s journey to the Grand Slam victory via Team Liquid Youtube Channel.

Rarely does CSGO ever have as much consistency as Team Liquid. Even during the Astralis era, the Danish squad sit comfortably over others while losing every so often. However, Team Liquid’s stretch of tournament wins is like no other team in the history of competitive Counter Strike.


Team Liquid did not just become the best team in CSGO because of pure talent. While the TL CSGO team certainly has star players, not everyone always shines. Instead, the organization has a structure that is simply unrivaled. The players have a separation from their living quarters and play in the Alienware Training Facility. They have meals and a set in stone schedule that every member lives by. If they are down, they have a support staff paid to help them become champions.

The Alienware Training Facility via Team Liquid Youtube Channel.

Team Liquid are not just talented players, they are an incredible organizational unit that can become the best to ever exist in CSGO. A structure that replicates that of LoL and Overwatch teams is unheard of in CSGO and as such, TL is doing unheard of things in 2019.

Team Liquid are an amazing team right now and feel unmatched. In any given scenario, Team Liquid feels like a better team. Whether it be developing strategies through Adren, crazy headshot rates from Twistzz or clutch round clinchers from Stewie2k, this team is scary. This is a superstar North American team that is hungry for their first ever Major Championship. Everything that has built up pales in comparison to their very next tournament. While winning multiple tournaments in a stretch deserves to be noted, it can never be a dynasty without a win at the Starladder major Berlin.

It is incredible to think that for many years, winning was unachievable and choking a habit for the TL CSGO team. With 2019 now becoming an answer to their naysayers, there is one more task for the TL CSGO team. Team Liquid have won nearly everything, but one thing that still remains empty with every player is a major title.

While Team Liquid stand above every CSGO team right now, this tournament is like no other. That pressure that the TL CSGO team overcame now comes back. That satisfaction of having already won tournaments goes away and only one thing rings across every member, a major championship.

Team Liquid after winning Dreamhack Dallas. Photo via Dreamhack

However, with the Starladder Major Berlin inching closer, many people should not be so quick to jump on the TL hype train. Team Liquid may not actually have this tournament locked in 100%. Pressure can and will build up as Team Liquid progresses throughout the tournament. And the thought of winning their very first Valve Major, that is chilling to the bone. That is something every player wants and while the TL CSGO team has everything, they do not have that trophy yet.

Team Liquid’s wins have been impressive and very dominant, but many of these teams were on player breaks and the changes to the meta have really helped TL excel throughout this stretch.

Team Liquid are still favorites in the eyes of many people. When Astralis took a break, the TL CSGO team capitalized on that period and became the best CSGO team. This team deserves to win a major and would cap off an amazing 2019 from TL. That being said, Team Liquid cannot get complacent because losing the major ruins an entire years worth of work. To call it the Team Liquid Dynasty, you need that major trophy. A win in Berlin means a cemented place in history among greats before them. Winning everything is amazing, but if they do not win the major, an entire year feels unsatisfied.

All the pressure and weight sits on this TL CSGO team. Will they revert back to choking habits from prior years? Or will this team cap off one of the best years for a team in CSGO history? The next month will answer all our questions.

Team Liquid will look to collect their most important win of the year at the Valve Major with expectations to be the one’s lifting that trophy in September in Berlin.

The Starladder Berlin Major will begin on Aug. 23 with the New Challengers Stage. The TL CSGO team will begin their journey in the New Legends stage, alongside the seven other Legends from IEM Katowice 2019.

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