Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes for New Players

Mercy | Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes for New Players

Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes for New Players

Learning all the heroes in Overwatch can be daunting. If you’re just picking up Overwatch, make it a priority to learn a few heroes inside and out. These are the best Overwatch Heroes for new players to learn:

10. Lucio

Lucio is a great hero for new players. He’s a standout support, and mastering him can help you with your positioning and synchronization. Sound Barrier is a great tool for capturing points, but expect to spend some time mastering his unique wall riding.

9. McCree

McCree is the go-to DPS hero for new players. His backline positioning is easy to pick up, and his high weapon accuracy can help you get ready to try the more difficult snipers. McCree’s ultimate is a little tricky to get used to, but can completely turn the tides of a fight.

8. D.Va

D.Va is a staple tank hero for both professional and ranked play. Very easy to pick up, and deadly if mastered, D.Va’s massive ultimate is incredibly satisfying to land. Be careful not to get caught out without your mech—you’re a sitting duck without it. D.Va beginners might be surprised to know that it is sometimes better to kill yourself to respawn in your mech than risk trying to build ultimate charge back up!

7. Reaper

With tons of mobility (and even untargetability), Reaper is a very forgiving DPS hero for new players. His shotguns give him incredible damage output and close range, and he has plenty of fun combos to pick up. While Death Blossom requires risky positioning, it’s a completely game-changing ultimate.

6. Bastion

Bastion is the kind of hero you never want to see on the enemy team. He’s very difficult to deal with because of his massive suppressing turret fire. His tank ultimate brings huge area of effect damage, and he can even heal himself on the go.

5. Junkrat

Goofy but deadly, Junkrat is a great pickup for creative players who want to control choke points and out-think their enemy. His mine and trap are simple in principle but have many applications. Nailing his ultimate can completely disrupt the enemy team.

4. Pharah

Pharah is extremely mobile and brings area of effect damage rockets to every fight. You’ll need to learn to keep an eye out for snipers, as she’s vulnerable to precision weapons when she’s flying into the middle of a fight. The most rewarding Pharah trick for new players is knocking enemies off the map with Concussive Blast.

3. Soldier: 76

If you’re coming from Call of Duty or other First-Person Shooters, Soldier: 76 will feel completely natural to pick up. A solid main rifle, grenade launcher-style Helix Rockets, and an ultimate that makes it impossible to miss should all feel completely comfortable almost instantly. Bringing a low-cooldown area heal to the party means you can do more than just blow stuff up!

2. Mercy

Don’t like the pressure of being your team’s damage carry? Mercy is very easy to pick up, as she focus completely on healing and reviving allies. Highly mobile and with one of the most valuable ultimates in the game, Mercy is a must-learn Overwatch hero for new players.

1. Reinhardt

Tankiness, damage, crowd control, and utility: Reinhardt hast it all, so he’s a staple of competitive and casual play. His pinning charge is very powerful and has some very funny interactions. Barrier Field is one of the most recognizable abilities in the game, and is the central ability for a team looking to hold an objective or control a chokepoint. Earthshatter, his ultimate, stuns all enemies in a wide area around him, for one of the most overloaded and straightforward kits in the game.

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