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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”13091″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”15638″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”15831″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”15833″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Technology has transformed the world we live in. We are instantly connected to everything and anything…people, information, resources, and today’s topic–transportation. While cab companies are still milling the streets, rideshare apps have become far more popular. Whether you have to catch a ride to the airport or get a ride in an emergency, car sharing companies are the way to go. Your driver is literally at your fingertips through rideshare apps! Simply grab your phone, enter your location and destination, and a friendly driver will take you on your way. It’s safe, simple, and effective. However, just like technology, everybody does it. That means there are a gazillion rideshare companies attempting to provide the best carpooling services. So, how can you really tell who’s the best car sharing company?

We have compiled a list of the top 5 rideshare companies to help you weigh the pros and cons of each car sharing service. We’ll even provide a couple of rideshare coupon promo codes so you can try some of the rideshare companies yourself!


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Uber Ridesharing

Uber, one of the most well-known car sharing companies, actually started as a car sharing service for the elite. Named Ubercab, it provided limousine and other black town cars to people in San Francisco. Who would have thunk? A lot has changed since then! They got a shortened name, expanded their car sharing service, and took the world by storm. We’ll tell you all the reasons Uber’s at the top of the list, plus give you a rideshare coupon promo code to try yourself!

Advantage 1: Availability

The biggest thing that separates Uber from other carpooling services, is namely it’s availability. While Uber’s biggest competition Lyft is only available in the United States and Canada, Uber’s rideshare app is available in over 400 cities in 60 countries! It’s honestly quite remarkable and means you can grab an uber amazing ride while you travel across the world. Because that’s the beauty of rideshare apps!

Advantage 2: Rideshare Coupon Promo Codes

That’s right! Uber’s got Rideshare Coupon Promo Codes to make your carpooling experience less expensive! Like other car sharing, Uber’s coupon promo codes vary, but they always have them. They are always super simple phrases to help you remember. Try Uber yourself with our rideshare coupon promo codes in the table at the end of this section! You’ll get $2 off your next 5 rides!

Advantage 3: Ride Types

While Uber still provides black town cars for their carpooling services through what they call UberBLACK–appropriate name, I know–they also provide 7 other car sharing services: UberX (standard, cheapest ride for up to 4), Uber XL (SUV carpool service for up to 6), UberSUV (luxury SUV carpool service for up to 6), UberPOOL (customers with different starting and ending points can share and split the cost–this is carpooling done right!), UberWAV (for those in wheelchairs and scooters–plus, they won’t just wave–lol get it– at you to get in, they are trained to help as well!), UberSELECT(stylish, high end cars for up to 4), and UberTAXI (yes, you can hail a yellow cab with Uber–time to get old school with the carpooling! Is it just me or has it been ages since you called an actual Taxi? Rideshare apps are just so easy!). Uber is the only carpooling service that provides so many options!

Advantage 4: Scheduled Rides

Another major distinguishing carpooling feature is Uber’s advance scheduling. However, simply having advance scheduling doesn’t really make Uber that special in the car sharing industry. However, the fact that you can schedule a ride in the rideshare app 30 days in advance makes it pretty special. Plus, unlike other rideshare apps, you can schedule specialty car types. Sadly, it does have two disadvantages. One, while it is available in the majority of cities Uber serves, it may not be available in some. Two, trips aren’t guaranteed. Uber do their best to make your carpool available, but if they cannot, they will contact you immediately.

Our conclusion? Uber has been considered one of the top two frontrunners (alongside Lyft) in the car sharing industry since rideshare apps became popular. We think these advantages push Lyft to the side and bring Uber to the top of the rideshare companies list. But, we want you to decide for yourself! We promised you rideshare coupon promo codes, so check out the chart below for your first rideshare coupon promo code!

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Lyft Ridesharing

Have you seen Lyft’s iconic pink mustache? Lyft used to have one on every car sharing car, but they traded it in for a light up gizmo that sits on the dashboard to help distinguish Lyft cars. Not as cool if you ask me. But, alas, Lyft is considered one of the top 2 rideshare companies in existence today. Lyft sits right up there alongside it’s biggest competition Uber–which was number one on our list. The Uber-Lyft rivalry is widely known, but it often makes it difficult to decide between the two car sharing companies. Especially when both car sharing services are the same on so many levels–rideshare app usability, price, rating system, features, etc. They even have a similar rideshare app appearance! We’ve tried our best to wade through both and other car sharing companies to find the differences (including what you really want–rideshare coupon promo codes!).

Advantage 1: Mid-Route Stops

One of our favorite things about Lyft is that you can schedule to make stops along the way. It’s pretty simple and makes carpooling super easy! When booking a ride, you can select mid-route waypoint stops. You can pick up something or even drop off/pick up another person! This is a useful, distinguishing feature of the Lyft rideshare app! So, carpool with Uber!

Disadvantage 1: Availability

What distinguishes Uber as the top rideshare and carpooling company, is actually what makes Lyft a less desirable option. Compared to Uber, Lyft has far less availability. Which is a big downside in the carpooling industry. Lyft is only available in the United States and Canada. This means, if you are a regular Lyft user, you will have to download the Uber ridesharing app for car sharing use around the world.

Disadvantage 2: Scheduled Rides

Our second rideshare company disadvantage also makes reference to Uber’s advantage. While Uber allows its users to reserve a pickup time up to 30 days in advance, Lyft only allows up to 7 days. Plus, Lyft only accommodates for standard rides. This means you can’t schedule a deluxe car for your next black party event ahead of time. This may mean one won’t be available at the time of your event, which kinda sucks. So, in these cases, you probably want to use Uber for your car sharing and carpooling needs.

Disadvantage 3: Ride Types

The third disadvantage of this car sharing service is also a comparison to Uber. We know, it’s frustrating, but due to the Uber-Lyft rivalry, there not much we can do. They are equal on so many platforms, that the only distinguishing differences are in the negative for Lyft. That’s why they are number 2 on our car sharing list!

While Uber has a total of 8 ride options, Lyft only has only 6: the original Lyft (regular vehicle for up to 4), Lyft XL (regular vehicle for up to 6), Lyft Premier (high end vehicle for up to 4), Lyft Lux (high end vehicle for up to 4), Lyft Black (premium black carpooling service for up to 4), and Lyft Black XL (premium back SUVs for up to 6). We’ve got to be honest here though. It’s hard to consider this disadvantage compared to Uber because there is still a lot–and we mean A LOT–of options. Trust me, you can find the right vehicle for your needs.

So, Lyft clearly has a few more disadvantages than Uber, but their rivals for a reason. The final advantage to put on the table is Lyft’s rideshare coupon promo codes. That’s right. They’ve got rideshare coupon promo codes too. But Lyft’s just so happens to be AMAZING! You get $50 worth of Lyft rides! Try it out today and see what you think.

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RideAustin Ridesharing

RideAustin is a remarkable rideshare app and carpooling service for a few reasons. You may find this statement surprising, as not many have never heard of it. That’s not surprising considering that RideAustin is only available in–you guessed it–Austin, Texas. What makes RideAustin special? It was built by the community! Back in 2016, Austin passed legislation to require rideshare companies to fingerprint their drivers. This meant that Lyft and Uber drivers were not suited to serve the Austin area and consequently left. This left a huge carpooling gap that the community wanted to fill. This is how RideAustin was born.

A group of local engineers crafted the rideshare app and through a combination of grants and community efforts, 7 million dollars was raised to bring RideAustin into existence. What’s interesting, is RideAustin is a not-for-profit organization. This leads to our first two rideshare advantages.

Advantage 1: Round Up Feature

If you take a ride with RideAustin you will see a round-up feature. This means you can round-up your trip to the nearest dollar in the rideshare app. This money will be directly donated to your choice of one of the many affiliated charities. While Lyft does this as well, it’s pretty cool that a smaller company in only one city does as well. Plus, if you use a RideAustin rideshare coupon promo code, those few cents won’t mean anything! Unlike Lyft, however, this feature was built into the company. As a non-for-profit, Ride Austin’s goal is never to accumulate wealth. Rather, it chooses to invest it in the community and it’s drivers, which leads to advantage number two.

Advantage 2: Pay Drivers Well

While this isn’t a direct advantage to you, it can make you feel good knowing that this rideshare company pays their drivers well. RideAustin pays their drivers better than Uber and Lyft, but charges comparable prices. It pays to be a non-profit; the drivers at least.

Advantage 3: Direct Connect Feature

With RideAustin you can request a specific driver in the rideshare app. You won’t find this feature with Uber or Lyft! There are some restrictions. The driver you request may not be available, but if they are, and they aren’t too far away, you can be driven by people you already know. This is a really cool feature that really highlights the local feel of the company.

Advantage 4: Female Driver Mode

This is a very unique feature to car sharing. RideAustin offers female riders who are nervous about catching a ride can elect to have a female drive them. So, while RideAustin is perfectly safe, RideAustin is willing to make sure you feel comfortable!

Disadvantage 1: Availability

This is the biggest disadvantage that effects the last three rideshare companies on our list. The RideAustin rideshare app is exclusive to Austin, which means it’s not applicable to most people. But, if you are in Austin, we definitely recommend you use the RideAustin rideshare app–every time!

Disadvantage 2: Name Recognition

Uber and Lyft recently came back to Austin. This has caused a huge struggle for RideAustin. More than half their regular users deleted the RideAustin rideshare app and switched back to Uber and Lyft. This is mainly for one reason–name recognition. Everyone has heard of Uber and Lyft. And there is a sense of security to that. However, such an amazing, giving local car sharing company should be supported by everything it’s got! In our opinion, we wish more companies like this could be successful in communities.

It’s clear that RideAustin is a great option when looking for a rideshare app. That’s why we encourage you to give it a try yourself!  Next time you’re in Austin, support the Austin community and get amazing car sharing service too! Don’t forget to use a rideshare coupon promo codes. Sorry we don’t have one for you at this time! But, we will update you in the future when we do.

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Juno Ridesharing

If you’ve actually heard of Juno, you’re probably surprised to see it on our list. If you are unfamiliar with Juno, it’s probably because you don’t live in New York City. Juno is a fairly new (opened in 2016) and only serves New York City. We know that’s a pretty limited sphere, but New York City is the largest city in the United States. Plus, Juno is an amazing rideshare and carpooling company for both riders and drivers. In fact, if Juno was as widespread as Lyft and Uber, it might even start pushing itself higher on the list.

It’s important to note that Juno is owned by Gett–another rideshare company that operates in more than 120 cities worldwide (including London, Moscow, and New York City) in 4 different countries and is Europe’s largest on-demand rideshare company by revenue. However, Gett is not available in any other U.S. city–only as Juno in New York City. You can try Gett in one of their available cities through this promo code though! Now, let’s get on with Juno (and to using a Juno rideshare coupon promo code!)

Advantage 1: Rideshare Coupon Promo Codes

While Uber and Lyft provide first-time user rideshare coupon promo codes, they rarely promote discounts for existing users. Plus, these promo codes are usually only good for the first ride. Juno on the other hand often provides users with discounts that often last into the sixth week. A common deal is 30% off the first 2 weeks, 20% off the next two weeks, and 10% off the final two weeks. That is unheard of in the Uber and Lyft hemisphere! So, download the Juno rideshare app and check out rideshare coupon promo codes online to try Juno yourself!

Advantage 2: Generally Cheaper Price

Did juno (yes, that pun was very much intended) that Juno has competitive prices? While Uber and Lyft are generally always the same price as each other, Juno is fundamentally cheaper. There are a couple of reasons this car sharing service is less expensive. One, Jono only takes 10% from drivers. Two, the upcharge for riders is only 10%. What does this mean? Drivers make more and riders get charged less! That makes your great rideshare coupon promo code even more useful! This is why most New York City drivers have both rideshare apps!

Advantage 3: Great Customer Service

Juno is generally known for caring about both it’s drivers and riders. That’s why they take less from their drivers and charge less than some of the competition. However, they also have great customer service options; you can contact Juno through their 24/7 live phone support, through email, or even by text! That’s a lot of great options!

Disadvantage 1: Wait Time

Blame it on the size of the company or whatever you choose, but sometimes it takes longer to get a Juno car sharing vehicle to arrive than an Uber or a Lyft. It’s only a few minutes more on average, but it’s important to note.

Disadvantage 2: Location

This is what really seals the deal on Juno’s ranking. It doesn’t have much service area. Juno only serves New York CIty, which is pretty limited. Although–it does still serve a large percentage of rideshare app users. The good news is, it looks like Juno is looking to expand!




It shouldn’t be all that surprising that Uber and Lyft are at the very top of the car sharing list. They are the most streamlined, successful car sharing and carpooling companies. And they have some of the best rideshare app details. Plus, of all the rideshare companies, Lyft and Uber have the most name recognition. They have little competition. However, we favor both these small time car sharing companies as well. While limited in service area, RideAustin and Juno have some amazing features that make them worth to appear in this list!

Don’t believe us? Get each carpooling company’s free rideshare apps and try them all! Make sure you try our Uber, and Lyft rideshare coupon promo codes from their respective sections. Tell us what you think in the comments! And while Via didn’t make it to our list, you should try them out too! See the table below:

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