Your Comprehensive Uber Driver Guide for 2019

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Your Comprehensive Uber Driver Guide for 2019 

Does your job suck? Are you bored? Is your boss overbearing? Do you hate your schedule? Uber is here to help you see the available opportunity that’s quite literally…everywhere. And they mean everywhere. Think about it, people drive all across the country, the continent, even the world (well, not the ocean, but you get the point). This means your job is available no matter where life takes you.

If you search “How to become an Uber driver” there will be dozens of resources, but none as comprehensive as this one. In fact, once we’re done driving you through the details, you won’t need to look at another article about becoming an Uber driver again! Imagine that, no more googling for answers!

So, get ready to be driven straight through the who, what, where, when and why of Uber driving. We will even show you all the steps on how to become an Uber driver yourself! We’ve broken it down to make taking control of your life as simple as possible. I look forward to taking this uber amazing trip with you!

Why Should You Become an Uber Driver?

Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing Uber as their next job–an unsatisfactory work environment, an overbearing boss, a big move, a lay-off–whatever it is, people find many reasons to stay in this line of work. We have listed a few to help you see all the wonderful benefits of being an Uber driver:

Work on your schedule – Tired of working odd hours? Nights?  Or maybe you want to work nights! Uber allows you to work anytime. Pick your hours! People need rides at all times of the day. Midnight? Someone needs you. Morning car ride to work? Pick them up! Little Johnny needs to get to a soccer game? Take the whole family! You can work for a few hours here and a few hours there. You can choose a stable schedule. You can choose to change it up from week to week. You don’t have to answer to anyone! Simply open the app and flip the switch when you’re ready. No hassle. No stress.

No limited hours –  Only have a part-time job and need a full one? Uber allows you to work as much or as little as you want! It’s a simple equation. The more you work, the more you make. So, decide how much you need to work, and make it happen. No boss only scheduling you for 25 hours! (In the next section we will show how your take is calculated!)

Easy to Go on Vacation – Does your current job make it hard to get time off? Are emergencies an issue? Are sick days a hassle with scheduling? As an Uber driver, none of this is a problem! You can take a vacation, go on leave, or use a sick day whenever YOU want. That’s the perk of being your own boss. Plus, if Monday your not feeling it, take a break! Maybe work an extra night or on the weekend!

Health Care Options – With Uber, you can find affordable options that work for you and your family. For more information, go here.

Other Work Perks – Uber offers a number of other benefits for driving with them. This included discounts on car maintenance and mobile phones, an Uber Visa debit card with cashback rewards, and professional enrichment opportunities. To learn more about these amazing benefits, go here.

How Much Do You Make As An Uber Driver?

Uber breaks down the payment process on their website. Pay includes the following: a flat-rate pickup fee + an amount per mile (helps pay for gas) + an amount per minute (your time is valuable) + a flat-rate drop-off fee a minor service fee deduction by Uber.

Uber illustrates a possible delivery with the following equation:

$2.50 pickup + $0.15 x 5.2 miles + $0.10 x 20 minutes + $3.00 drop off = $8.28 delivery fare

Become an Uber driver today and get paid!

Who Can Become an Uber Driver?

Age Requirements – Sorry minors. Your driver’s license won’t help you become an Uber Driver. Every city has its own driving age requirement…and they are all 19 years or older.

Driving Experience – Don’t know how to drive? I’m not sure why you are looking at this as an option… Just got your license? Sorry, if your over 23 years old, you must have at least 1 year of experience. If you are under 23, you must have 3. But I’m guessing that if you meet the age requirement, you probably meet this one.

Background Check – For the safety of your passengers, Uber requires that every driver pass a background check. This includes a check into driving and criminal history. But, if you have a record, don’t jump out of the Uber band-wagon yet, not all misdemeanors and felonies disqualify you! Uber says : when in doubt, try it out and see if you get approved. 

Documentation Requirements – You are required to have a valid driver’s license, Proof of residency in your city, state, or province, and vehicle insurance if you are planning on driving your own vehicle.

A Vehicle – This one is pretty straight forward. If you want to drive people, you have to have a vehicle to drive them. Don’t have a car? Don’t drive away yet (although I’m not sure how you do that without a car) Uber gives Uber drivers a couple options: rent weekly with fair or Hertz, hourly with Getaround, or long-term with fair. Don’t automatically throw these options out the window. The benefit of this is reduced car maintenance costs. These services often include things like: vehicle maintenance, insurance, car warranty, and sometimes even roadside assistance! Plus, Uber has made some good deals that may allow you to use the vehicle free depending on the number of trips you make! Take a closer look at these options on Uber’s website here.

Vehicle Requirements – Besides actually having a car, you also must meet certain vehicle requirements. It must be 1) at least four-door, 2) 15 years old or newer, 3) in good condition with no cosmetic damage, 4) have no commercial branding, and 5) pass a vehicle inspection. For information on vehicle inspections, go here.

Location –  While Uber is very widespread, you first must ensure they actually serve your area. Take a look here to verify that you can be an Uber Driver in your city.

When Should I Drive?

Uber provides the following list of times as the optimal times to work. However, remember that people will still need rides at other times. The Uber App is also very beneficial. Uber drivers can set it up to receive alerts on where to drive when it’s busiest or where there are price boosts (you get paid more). It can also show you hourly trends for your area. It can also notify you of upcoming events. However, see Uber’s suggestion below:

Weekdays –

  • Morning rush hour: Mon – Fri 8 – 11 AM
  • Evening rush hour: Mon – Thu 2 – 6 PM

Weekend Evenings –

  • Fri 4 PM – Sat 3 AM
  • Sat 5 PM – Sun 3 AM

How Does Uber Pick-Up and Drop-Off Work?

Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know what it’s like facing something new. That’s why we’ve broken down the process to help you get started. If you’ve been driven by Uber before, becoming an Uber Driver should be a pretty familiar process.

Step 1: Open the App

When you are ready to start picking up riders, simply open the app (we will show you how to start your account and get the app next) and tap “Go.” You will now get matched with a nearby rider.

Step 2: Accept A Request

Once you get matched, simply accept the request and the Uber Driver app will give you directions (similar to Google or Apple Maps). Once you get to your destination, allow the riders to enter your car. You may receive a note by your rider that gives you specific directions on where at the location you should pick them up.

*Pro Tip: open the door for them if it’s situationally appropriate. This will make you look great! Ratings are your best friend in the ridesharing business.

Step 3: Drive

Once your customers are comfortable in the car–drive! Taking your riders to their destination is made easy with the Uber Driver app. The Uber Driver app will take you through all the steps.

*Pro Tip: Make sure you greet your riders warmly. First impressions are everything. You can provide water, talk, or entertain them at your discretion. This is not required and the customer may not want to interact more than required. Just pay attention to social signals to help guide you in marketing the ride as enjoyable as possible for both you and the customer.

Step 4: Earn and Track Money

After the ride, your customers will have the option to add a tip and you will receive your payment through the app. The Uber Driver app allows you to easily track how much you have earned so you can watch your progress towards your personal daily and weekly goals.

It’s as simple as that! Are you ready to become an Uber driver yourself! Check out the next section. If you want to become a better driver, Uber also promotes quality improvement classes through 7×7 Experience. To look into this, go here.

How to Become an Uber Driver?

Being an Uber driver is clearly a great option for dozens of reason. Are you ready to transform your work life and become a driver for yourself? We knew you were! Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have gotten this far yet! Grab your computer or mobile device and let’s get rolling!

Step 1: Open this link. First, enter your email, name, and phone number. Then, create a password. 

Uber Eats Step 1

Step 2: Next you much select which type of Uber driver you will be.

Step 3: In this step, you will have to go through verification. A) enter your social security number. B) Review the “Background check disclosure and authorization.” C) Submit a picture of your driver’s license. D) Submit a photo of your vehicle insurance. E) Take a picture of your vehicle registration.

Uber Eats Steps

Step 4: Upload your photo. Make sure it meets all the requirements! It says, “Show your whole face and tops of your shoulders, take your sunglasses and hat off, and take your photo in a well-lit place. Make sure it’s welcoming!

Uber Eats Add Picture

Step 5: Congrats you’re done! You will receive a text and email when you are approved!

Step 6: In the meantime, download the Uber Driver App! Click here for access. Here, simply add your cell phone number and they will send a link for you to add the app from the app store. Otherwise, search for “Uber Driver“ in your app store.

Step 7: Once you download the app, launch it and log in. You will need to accept the terms and conditions. On the home screen, you will see that your account is pending approval.

Uber Terms and Conditions

Step 7: Once your account is approved, you can start delivering. Simply toggle the switch in the app for when you are working or when are not, and work on your schedule! You’ve got this!

If you are having any issues, contact the Uber Driver customer service number: 808-169-7334. Or, contact them through the delivery app. Simply select the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring up a new screen. Select “Help?” in the upper right-hand corner.

Conclusions on Uber Delivery Driving

When we told you it was comprehensive, we meant comprehensive! Congratulations, you are now prepared to start your job as an Uber driver! Who knew starting a new profession could be so easy!

We’re glad we are able to answer all your Uber driver questions. Not only will you be helping people get from one location to another on a daily basis, but you can help us and yourself now. To repay us for all our hard work, please help YOURSELF by using the following promotional link here. Thanks for sticking with us for this informational ride! Now get driving!

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