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State of California has legalized medical marijuana a long time ago. Still, it patients have trouble finding quality pot. Benefits of medical marijuana are numerous. It helps cancer patients with nausea, improves appetite and reduces pain. Nugg is online app for marijuana delivery. It is completely safe and legal, so find out how to use Nugg.

Who can get Nugg delivery?

Only people with physicians note or prescription can posses marijuana. If you don’t have one, you can arrange an appointment with NuggMD. Those are doctors who cooperate with Nugg and evaluate patients. Appointments can be online and also at doctors office. Usually they don’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes. Patients receive their validations via e mail. In most cases, it is for one year period. Also, it is acceptable in all dispensaries and collectives in California. Site protects all users’ personal information.

How to use nugg


How to use Nugg?

When you sign up on the web site, you need to submit the prescription. Validation can take up to few minutes. When that is complete, you can proceed to list of dispensaries. You can search through a fine selection of cannabis and read information about all of them. Nugg founders want their consumers to find them trustworthy and reliable. They offer users to review both dispensary and purchased marijuana. They want the process to be the as good as possible for the patient. Nugg only cooperates with dispensaries that also want the best for consumer.

After you find what you need, in few short steps you can order it for pick up as well as home delivery. Nugg notifies you when your order is prepared, when it is ready to pick it up or when will it be delivered. Delivery takes one hour maximum. If you live somewhere where delivery is not legal, package has to be fetched in person. For those occasions, dispensaries have special lanes so you don’t need to wait in the line. Your order waits for you prepared.

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