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I work from home. It sounds like a dream come true, right?

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is a bit different. Yes, there are certain perks to working at home. For example, you can stay in your pajamas if you want, you don’t have to go buy lunch, and you can sit in your most comfortable chair.

But there are undeniable drawbacks too:

  • Distractions abound, making it hard to concentrate on work.
  • It’s easy to feel unmotivated and just let the day go by without doing any work at all.
  • Sometimes you need things that you might not have. For example, I have to go to Staples to print copies.
  • It’s harder to stick to a routine.
  • Internet can be unreliable when you need it most (In fact, just last week my internet disconnected, and I had to wait 8 minutes for it to come back.)

As you can see, the benefits of working at home can be equaled out, sometimes even overshadowed, by the drawbacks.

And that is why I’m a member of Wework. I’ll tell you why it’s such a great thing to be apart of. And you can join for a discount with our Wework coupon promo code!

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What is Wework?

If you’re looking for a workspace solutions company, then you’re in luck; because that’s exactly what they are! Your membership (discounted if you used your Wework coupon promo code) will allow you access to their sophisticated facilities. There’s no better place to get work done, whether you own your own company, or you’re an independent contractor who is flying solo.

But you might be thinking to yourself, “Great. I get a place to sit down and work at; is that really it?”

I’m happy to say that Wework is a lot more than just a physical location to set up shop and crank out your work at. There’s so much more to it than that, and you’ll see that when you use your Wework coupon promo code. But let’s go over some of the benefits of a membership with them.

The benefits of being apart of Wework

Wework promo code

Multiple locations. Whether your work demands you travel from place to place, or you happen to be among the ranks of the new class of ‘digital nomads,’ not everyone who works from home, STAYS at home. And at Wework, that’s no problem. They have over seven hundred locations that are either open or coming soon, in 121 different cities all over the world. Click here if you want to see if they have a building in your area!

Several different options for space. Your Wework coupon promo code could be your ticket to not just workspace, but the workspace that is right for you. Whether you can make do with shared workspace, or you need a whole private office for your growing company, they’ve got your needs covered.

Be apart of something big. Wework doesn’t just believe in offering space to foster entrepreneurs and workers. They believe in helping people make the connections they need as well.

The amenities that you get with your Wework coupon promo code

This list is splendid enough that it deserves it’s own category. And these are the things that I REALLY like about this place. Once you try some of it for yourself, you’ll be glad you used your Wework coupon promo code.

Fast, FAST internet. I’ve mentioned earlier just how frustrating it can be when your internet cuts out on you when you need it most: for work. It’s nice to have access to internet that isn’t just reliable, but very fast. Faster internet means less time wasted.

Reliable printers. This is a HUGE plus for me, as someone who has to print large amounts of stuff regularly. No more having to buy ink or toner cartridges, or having to pay to print things at an office supply store. And speaking of which…

Complimentary office supplies. Your Wework coupon promo code gets you access to whatever office supplies you might need (within reason, of course.) Paperclips, staples, folders and more!

Large common areas. This is a lot nicer than setting down at a Starbucks to get your work done. There are lots of seats, plenty of desk space and immediate access to some of the nicer amenities. No more fighting for that electrical outlet; there’s plenty right on the desk area!

Onsite staff. Anytime you need assistance with printing something, or setting something up, or just have a question, they’re there for you. Plus, it’s nice to know that the front door is being watched by security.

Complimentary refreshments. Honestly, this is my favorite thing about this place. And I’m pretty sure it will be yours too after you’ve used your Wework coupon promo code.

Wework coffee

One of the things I don’t like about working at Starbucks is that I feel the need to go up and buy a coffee every hour or so just to feel like I can justify being there. At Wework, the coffee isn’t just tasty and micro-roasted, but it’s also free with your membership. They don’t skimp, either; to quote one of my favorite movies, “This is some serious gourmet shit!”

Don’t like coffee? Too much caffeine for you? No problem! They’ve got you covered with several different varieties of tea, including black tea, green tea, mint tea, and many more. There’s even plenty of sugar, milk, cream, almond milk, soy milk and other things to put into it! And of course there’s hot water, because without hot water, tea is just dried leaves.

There’s water too, for those who just like the basics. Ice-cold water, and fruit-infused water. All tasty!

But they go a step beyond basic drinkable refreshments, because at Wework, there is also complimentary beer. Yes, you read that right; your Wework coupon promo code gets you BEER! Once you’ve had a pint of ice-cold suds to make work go by faster, you’ll see that there’s no other way! And it’s not crappy swill either; last time I was there they had Fat Tire, Blue Moon and a local micro-brew brand!

And that’s not even everything!

If I tried to list every single thing that’s included in your membership with your Wework coupon promo code, this article would be way too long. But everything mentioned above, along with things like teaching events, rice krispie treat days and more, make this an awesome place to get work done.

It’s SOOOO worth the membership price! See for yourself, when you use your Wework coupon promo code!

And if you want to see what other promo codes we’ve got, be sure to check out our other articles!

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