Why is Graves Smoking Again? | League of Legends

graves smoking cigars again?


After a mysterious tweet by Riot Games Co-Founder Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill, Riot Games confirmed in their most recent Ask Riot that the infamous Graves cigar was indeed back, citing international tobacco usage laws as reason for its removal back in 2014. While Riot has now found a workaround in the form of multiple splash arts to keep all regional censorship alarms from going off, some are unsatisfied with the explanation. Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie dives into the real reasons for Graves’s failure to kick the habit.

5. Cloud 9 Jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia


4. Working with Twisted Fate Again

Riot did a fantastic job with the Bilgewater Event back in Season 5. Several champions received updates to their lore and gameplay, including placing Graves and Twisted Fate as former partners. Twisted Fate’s smug, smooth-talking demeanor is enough to make anyone grind their teeth, especially someone as headstrong as Malcom Graves. Cigars may have been less of a choice and more of a necessity now that the old partners are working together again.

3. Stress from being so damn popular

Since his rework, Graves has seen play in every role competitively sans support, but has settled in primarily as a jungler. He’s been the best jungler in the game for a while now; currently sitting at a 91% pick/ban rate at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. Being a priority pick for all of the regions of the world is bound to cause some pretty high tension for everyone’s favorite outlaw. It’s especially tough when, despite all of those picks, you’re only winning 43% of the time—ouch.

2. Every SoloQ Hero In The Universe

Graves is a carry jungler. He provides enormous amounts of area of effect damage and…well, that’s about it. To properly set up Graves, a team must draft around lanes with crowd
control. Champions like Shen, Gragas, Ashe, Karma, Syndra, etc whose kits carry CC abilities will allow proper gank assist for Graves to get off the ground during the laning phase. Of course, your teammates will be Riven, Zed, Lucian and Sona forever, because drafting and playing as a team would make too much sense.

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1. Your Feeding Ass

Looking at you, 0/4 Renekton with Ignite instead of Teleport (seriously, how do you lose lane???) Yasuo mid lane who begs for ganks and, only to go all-in 1v1 while you’re on your way to gank for him followed by blaming you for his death? You betcha. Jinx down 30 CS at 5 minutes but “lost lane because no ganks gg?”

I’d have a smoke, too.

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