Why Grayhound Gaming can become the next Renegades in CSGO

Grayhound Gaming are one of the rising talents in Oceanic Counter Strike that can challenge Tier 1 teams. While many of these players are part-time students, their passion towards being a great team still speaks a thousand words. People should root for Grayhound Gaming because they are just like everybody else trying to turn passion into a living. That strive towards greatness in a region not known for it in esports is remarkable. No team is in a similar position like Grayhound at the Starladder Major Berlin. With circumstances out of their control trying to tell them that Counter Strike will never be a living, they keep telling them no. That resilience is something that can speak to any fan of Counter Strike, not just Australians.


Where are they now?

Grayhound Gaming are now the second best Oceanic team. They represent Oceania at a number of major and premier events alongside Renegades. The difference between the two? One team is living their life in America while the other is still in Melbourne. However, both share the same goal to make Australian esports fans proud.

At IEM Sydney, Grayhound Gaming made it to top 8 and just barely missed out at playing onstage in front of their homecrowd. While they missed playing on that stage, the performance still resonated with fans. People note the situation and circumstances Grayhound have and are proud of this team for challenging a tier one team to play on that stage.  At many tournaments prior to this, they shock the entire community with their cohesive teamwork and their next tournament should sing true.

For a long time, Australian CS only had Renegades to look at as a beacon of excellence in Australia. Now, Australia has two teams that they can proudly support at a major. While Renegades still has an upper hand because of their infrastructure, Grayhound are improving.

A Constant Drive

When most Australian teams struggle with developing a social media presence, this team strives to break that trend. With decorative memes and stickers around DickStacy to memes about the Grayhound bus, this team is entertaining. Every tournament they attend, they are grateful to just be there because that experience is valuable to them.

In fact, in erKast’s statement, he notes that he often postpones exams and school work to travel to these events and prepare accordingly. Balancing both school and a competitive career is extremely daunting on a person, but that does not stop this team.

erKast at Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai.

Even when one of their longest tenured players is forced to leave a family of teammates, they still strive to one day be a consistent Tier 1 team. The amount of obstacles stopping this team from becoming a Tier One team are immense. It feels as if just when things are starting to look great for Grayhound, something tries to bring them back down. However, that road to the top will be so much more amazing to all the Grayhound Gaming fans.

Counter Strike is very much a priority for all of the players at Grayhound, but they need assistance. A team like this should not have to suffer through losing one of their most beloved members because of visa issues. Issues that can be a quick fix in a country like Europe and North America should not hold back Oceanic players. This team is ranked #22 in the world rankings and should not fall over something they cannot control.

Grayhound Gaming continue to break the notion of things placed around them. They are the most exciting team to watch continually rise in the HLTV standings because of how unique they are. While behind on certain map picks, evident by their lack of Train, they find a way to make things work. This is a team and organization that is growing together. They are both experiencing the growing pains of both trying to develop a Counter Strike scene that has zero support.

Starladder Berlin Major

At the upcoming major, Grayhound Gaming are the underdogs. They are not a team many people peg to even make it out of the New Challenger’s Stage. But that is what makes the storyline for Grayhound that much more exciting. The Melbourne based organization will look to join their Renegades counterpart in the Legends stage of the major.

This final stance as a five man unit with erkast will be an emotional tournament for Grayhound Gaming. This memory of a group of friends traveling around the world to play Counter Strike is something everybody wants extended. If there is any tournament to make a surprise run, it is this one for Grayhound Gaming.

Many people should root for this team because they bring good vibes when circumstances want to bring them down.

The Starladder Berlin Major 2019 will start on Aug.23 with the New Challengers Stage. Teams from the minor qualifiers will compete against five teams from IEM Katowice that were unable to make it to the Champion’s Stage.



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