Why the Flyquest Summer Split Was a Positive

The Flyquest Summer Split provide’s the LCS team with an element of surprise as they prepare for the LCS Regional Qualifiers.

Flyquest shocked the entire community when the team made a semifinals run that made them one of the favorites moving forward into the summer split. However, Flyquest’s summer split has been an ongoing nightmare that the team was never able to escape. Each week Flyquest lost, more pressure built on this team that, in spring, had zero of. Moving forward into the gauntlet, Flyquest are that spring split squad with zero pressure placed on them once again and have an opportunity to capitalize on their opponents going into the gauntlet believing that Flyquest will be that easy win.

Pressure is an important aspect of competitive League of Legends that has caused many teams to falter against a team they should win against. when there is such a high expectation to be the best or to win an easy game, you play more scared and play to not make mistakes instead of playing for the sole purpose of trying to win. In spring, Flyquest were ranked as a Tier 4 team going into the 2019 season. However, it took just two weeks to dispel any naysayers that deemed Flyquest lucky in the first week against a field of easier opponents. Even when they were winning some games, there was never an expectation for this team to have the strong split that they did have in spring.

Flyquest during LCS 2019 Spring. Photo via Riot Games Flickr.

But, once Flyquest’s summer split began, the team had newfound expectations placed on them to carry into summer with the same exact roster and easily make top 6 once again. However, the team did not have that same start they had in summer and faltered constantly throughout the split.

In tight games against teams they once beat, they were faltering. Against teams where they were the underdogs, they no longer were winning these close games that made them the fourth best team in spring. Flyquest’s summer split was a completely different version of Flyquest.

In an interview with Flyquest head coach Gabriel “Invert” Zedoltan-Johan explained a little bit of what he felt went wrong this split

“I think we got a little ahead of ourselves, in terms of how well we thought we knew the game. We were unable to really start the learning process towards getting better in this split.” Invert concludes.

However, even through the tumultuous split that was Flyquest’s summer split, the team still found ways to smile through rough troughs.

“Morale has still been solid, we have Eugene, Turtle, Santorin they have all been through really good and bad seasons.” Flyquest Strategic Coach David “Cop” Roberson states.

Los Angeles, USA – August 4: — during the 2019 League of Legends Championship Series Week 9 at the LCS Arena on August 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, USA. (Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games)

Even through rough games onstage, Flyquest maintained a good head on their shoulders throughout the summer split and even when they were completely out of contention for the 2019 LCS Summer Split playoffs, they immediately moved their sights on the gauntlet.

Flyquest ended the summer split in 9th place just one game above Echo Fox in 10th, but Flyquest’s Summer Split is no indication as to the team they can be in the regional qualifiers. When the regional qualifiers rolls around, it would be a month’s time since they were last seen on the stage meaning they have the advantage of being incognito for all of playoffs. Not only that, but the month away from stage means that they did not have the pressures every week of trying to prepare for a certain opponent and dealing with the pressures of a best of five or the feeling of being let down after a loss. Instead, that month was put towards taking a short break from the game to reset mindset’s before having time to practice on their own while gaining a full best of five of vods to watch from the three other teams that will be competing in the gauntlet.

In fact, the team is in good spirits and in full belief that they can beat any team competing for that third seed because of how composed the team still remains moving forward.

“There is no flaming or big arguments that are toxic.” Cop laments. “That is my favorite part of the team, everybody is motivated and it is really nice. Everyone is fun to be around, we just want to get that win, we just have no consistency on stage.”

A fun environment that has zero pressure to perform makes a really dangerous team in a do or die best of five series that can determine whether your season continues or if it is the start of a very long offseason.

Flyquest will have a tough task ahead of them if they want to make it to the organization’s first world championship, but anything is possible in competitive.

Flyquest will have an opportunity to shake things up on September 6-9, as the American team will look to make a miracle run against TSM, CLG and Clutch Gaming in the LCS Regional Finals for a spot in the 2019 World Championship Play-In. If they are able to make a run through all three teams, it would be the first time since Cloud9 in 2015 that a team made a run to worlds as the bottom seeded team.




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